Holiday Camps

Our holiday camps are a great way for your child to discover science and other areas related to STEM! We offer various thematic short camps focusing on different areas of science, and from time to time we also offer programmes by our awesome partners featuring activities such as coding, mathematics or art and craft. Join our camps to see for yourself!



This June we are introducing a programme from Microsoft’s HackingSTEM modules. The Brain Impact Simulator programme allows students to build models to understand and mitigate brain injury. 

Build and learn

Students build a brain impact simulator to visualize the effects of head collisions. Sensors on the simulator measure the amount of pressure the brain experiences when hit by a pendulum.

Connect your tools

Digitize your device using Arduino Uno. Students learn essential prototyping and electrical engineering skills by connecting the brain impact simulator to Excel to visualize the impact on the brain.

Visualize the data

Using a customized Excel workbook, students visualize the magnitude of the pendulum impact on the brain and analyze how each region is affected. Students can run and save multiple trials to compare impact data. This data informs students’ design of protective head gear.

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