Holiday Camps

Our holiday camps are a great way for your child to discover science and other areas related to STEM! We offer various thematic short camps focusing on different areas of science, and from time to time we also offer programmes by our awesome partners featuring activities such as coding, mathematics or art and craft. Join our camps to see for yourself!



This summer we are introducing a workshop incorporating programming using the BBC Microbit. The Microbit is a tiny programmable computer designed to making learning coding easy and fun! The platform used by the Microbit supports block programming, which makes coding less daunting for beginners or for those just learning to code.

In this workshop, students will be introduced to a series of easy tasks using the Microbit, to allow them to become acclimatised to the process and language of programming. After getting the ‘hang’ of programming, they will be asked to use their Microbit to come up with an application that could be deployed in a Future Home. In addition to programming, they will design and make a house to accommodate the application in order to better illustrate how it could be used.

To book a place at this workshop, pleaseĀ CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

For the younger ones, join Sam & Suzy on their science adventures, or explore days by different themes! Parents have the option of choosing either the morning or afternoon session (or both) for the Sam & Suzy Save the Day! camp.

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