Looking to liven up your science lessons? Our STEM kits present an engaging and creative way to get your students more involved in their lessons. They are packaged individually, making it convenient for teachers. We have a wide range of kits, covering topics such as electricity and optics, to engineering. Contact us for the full catalogue today!


Kits are great and handy tools for teaching, in particular when it comes to hands-on activities. Our STEM kits are designed to fit into most classroom modules, as part of or as an extension of the syllabus. They are individually packed for convenience and teachers may chose to use them for individual or for group work.

SBA’s STEM kits cover a wide range of topics and include the following:

  • Engineering – build simple machines, or remote controlled cars
  • Physics – conservation of energy, aerodynamics, electrical circuits, electronic circuits, magnets, simple robotics, optics, heat expansion
  • Green energy – experiment with solar cars, solar boats, solar lamps, and even solar bugs
  • Chemistry – volcanic reactions, properties of materials, aromachemistry
  • Biology – microscopy

Our kits are priced very affordably and many of them can be reused. Contact us for a full list of kits today!

Mechanical Crane Engineering Kit

Mini DIY Solar Car Kit

Magnet Kit

Rubberband Car Kit

Volcano Kit

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